The coming together of talents

Petrie Raymond was created following the merger of four accounting firms. This union of strengths and expertise is what allows Petrie Raymond to better serve our clients today.

The founding partners established rigorous standards of excellence, based on proficiency, professionalism and integrity. Every member of our team shares these values and is equally committed to delivering quality services.


1920 : Archibald J.M. Petrie and J. Thélesphore Raymond created a small accounting firm, naming it Petrie Raymond.

In that same year, Joseph Arthur Archambault also opened an accounting office, which would eventually merge with other partners to create a new firm: Archambault, Marchand, Boivin, Arbour, Lafleur et associés.

1948 : Accountant René Proulx opens an office, and is soon joined by Guy d’Orsonnens in 1959 to create the Proulx d’Orsonnens firm.

1958 : A new firm, Lachance, Allard, Brosseau et associés, is created, which will become Lachance, Allard et associés some years later.

1969 : Proulx d’Orsonnens merges with Petrie Raymond.

1980 : Petrie Raymond merges with Archambault, Marchand, Boivin, Arbour, Lafleur et associés, and with Lachance, Allard et associés.

1995 : Petrie Raymond celebrates its 75th anniversary.

2009 : Petrie Raymond comprises 11 partners and more than 60 professionals.