Orientation and support

Petrie Raymond understands the importance of welcoming you as part of our team, of helping you pass your professional exams, and of nurturing your expertise.

Human Resources Manager program (GRH)

At Petrie Raymond, each intern is paired with a director, who acts as a human resources manager. The person that takes on this role possesses substantial experience as an auditor and accountant, as well as extensive human resource management skills. This director guides you and helps you perform well as an intern.

This program helps you to:

  • Integrate seamlessly into the workplace
  • Develop a closer relationship with the GRH
  • Highlight your talents and help them grow
  • Develop your relationship with Petrie Raymond

Support for professional exams

Candidates preparing for professional exams are offered full support by Petrie Raymond. This support takes different forms from year to year, but the focus is always on helping you succeed.

Also, the size of our firm encourages interaction between all employees and partners. Your work colleagues will always be available to answer any questions and help you develop professionally.

Continuing education and training

During your internship, you’ll be invited to attend various training sessions to help you reconcile accounting theory with actual practice.

These sessions are designed to help deepen your knowledge of accounting, certification and taxation, and may be held internally or outside the Firm.