The intern’s role

Responsibilities, learning and support

Read on for an overview of your intern experience at Petrie Raymond.

Your tasks and responsibilities

From your first day, you will be expected to familiarize yourself with the Firm’s different mandates. As a member of a floating team, you will complete a wide variety of tasks under the supervision of a case manager and your director.

This proven approach will allow you to enhance your skills, all the while actively participating in the completion of full mandates.

You will be expected to engage in numerous tasks, including:

  • Compiling
  • Auditing
  • Preparing and writing financial reports
  • Preparing tax returns for companies and individuals
  • Assisting accountants, when required
  • Creating budgets for various projects
  • Participating in special projects
  • Describing systems

Working closely with high-profile clientele

You will also be asked to interact with our clients on a regular basis, as many mandates require frequent communication or must be undertaken at their place of business. You will be in contact with a diverse clientele, mainly located in the greater metropolitan area of Montréal.

Petrie Raymond helps you to succeed

We have implemented various orientation and support programs to help advance your professional skills. We place great importance on developing expertise and obtaining your certification and your auditor permit.